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Choosing the right company to service your computer and network system is one of the most important decisions you will make. Computers need periodic maintenance and of course, sooner or later a component WILL fail. Choosing someone with the right knowledge and ability can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major long-term shut-down.


C2T was founded in 1997 in East Helena MT. In January 1998 we moved to our first commercial location in the Larson Building at 1430 Helena Avenue in Helena MT. Two years later we moved to a larger location at 1425 Helena Ave and a few years later we moved again to an even larger location at 1409 Helena Avenue where we stayed until April of 2007. We stayed at 1530 Prospect Avenue until 2014 when we moved into our newest location: 1200 Aspen Street, Helena MT

Custom Computer Technologies, Inc., is a 100% veteran owned, 100% Montana owned small business.




Custom Computer Technologies is committed to offering only the most reliable computers, peripherals and services for our customers. We are dedicated to quality at a good price. We know “cheap” will be the most expensive equipment you buy.

We know there are lots of people claiming they are “experts” based upon having fixed their own computer a few times. Our technicians are highly trained, very experienced professionals. We study computer problems, viruses, bugs…etc., and the correct repairs. We have invested in the professional quality tools, vendor authorizations, certifications and software required to provide you with the best service available.




We offer Desktops, Notebooks, Hard Drives, Memory, Monitors, Optical Drives, Power Supplies, Video Cards, Cables and allot more.

“Business Grade” and Home Computers, Notebooks, Workstations & Servers.

C2T offers branded systems by major brands such as: Acer, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Sager-Midern, Panasonic and more. C2T also offers high quality custom built systems for those who require features, performance or capabilities not available in our branded systems. We feel our job is to make sure you get the “right” computer for you rather than just selling what we have on the shelf.

Professional Hardware and Software Repair Services.

C2T and our dedicated Professional Technicians have invested in the tools and training required to offer the best, most reliable repair services in Montana. Virus & spyware removal and prevention: Approximately 99% of systems are cleaned without data loss. Data recovery: Data loss due to accidental deletion, hard disk formatting or operating system failure can often be recovered “in-shop”. In situations where physical drive damage precludes local recovery, C2T works with several of the best known national data recovery labs including Drive Savers, On-Track and Seagate Recovery Services.


What’s New:

We have a good selection of Hard Drives, Power Supplies,  Cables, Laptop AC Adapters and more. Come in and see for yourself.

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