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Why C2T for service and repair?

Computer need repair?  Maybe a little maintenance or is it having software issues?  

Maybe it has viruses?  Or did Windows crash?

So how do you choose where to take your computer for repair?

Should you just choose the cheapest tech you can find?

Would how you choose a doctor that way?  How about an auto mechanic?  If the best thing a technician or company can say for their service is it is cheap, shouldn’t you believe them?  And of course you realize that sometimes the cheapest service can be the most expensive thing you can do with a computer?  Servicing your computer does not have to be expensive but cheap will always  be…well, cheap.  We have found that, though our hourly rate is higher than some, we are often less expensive in the end due to our extensive knowledge and professional tools we have at our disposal.  Done right is often less expensive than “done cheap”.

Should you go to the tech who can get to it right away?

Is that how you would choose a restaurant?  Maybe you should think about why they have so few other customers?  Since when did not having any customers become a sought after attribute in the repair of ANYTHING?  Lets face it, how fast they will look at your system is not really the questions is it?  Maybe it should be more about when you will get it back.  We hear from customers all the time about how they took it to someone who was available “RIGHT NOW” only to have the system still in that shop a month later.  If you need it right now, we can do that but since we almost always have a waiting line, we charge extra for cutting in line.

What difference does it make anyway?

Do you have data such as photos, documents, or software you really don’t wish to loose?  Any hack can just reformat you computer…most of the time a real tech can save your data and even your software without reformatting be it from a virus or a dying hard drive.  If nothing on your computer matters, then it won’t really matter and the tech who answers “why use you” with “Because I am cheap” may be just right for you.  If your data and software do matter, maybe you should come see Custom Computer Technologies, Inc..  for professional services by professional technicians.

As C2T does not like repair estimates prior working on systems. Why not go to those guys who give estimates right away?
Does that mean they know more than C2T’s techs?

No, I don’t think that means they know more.  I feel it means they are just making it up. It is, I suppose, possible that someone is clairvoyant and just knows what is causing a problem but we, at C2T, are not.  For example, a hard drive which has bad blocks early in the volume, a operating system which is viruses and bad RAM can cause almost exactly the same symptoms.  However, the repair costs for each of those possibilities varies substantially.   Yes, there are some things which are clear and easily estimated, but many are not.  Should a tech just throw out a wild guestiment to to earn your business and then just surprise you later with the real costs?  That is not how we do business.  I will tell you what I can, when I can and work hard to take good care of you.  That includes trying to keep all costs reasonable and exploring other options.  However,  I won’t just make stuff up to get your business.  Why would you trust anyone who does?


Here is MY answer to “Why use C2T?”:

There are a lot of problems a person can have with their computers and many more reason for those problems.  So why should you bring those problems to Custom Computer Technologies, Inc.?   Well, the easy answer is because we are good at what we do.  C2T has been in business, with the same service manager since 1997.  That should say something.  More important however, is the knowledge and tools we posses.

While legally anyone can claim to be a “computer technician”,  our technicians posses many actual industry certifications such a “Microsoft Certified Professional”, “Certified Network Technician”, “Certified Windows Technician”, “Dell Certified Systems Expert” and many more.  As well, C2T is Authorized by many manufacturers to sell their products.  Anyone can sell these brands but we have the formal relationships with the manufacturer’s others simply do not.  In many cases we must pass quarterly or yearly product and/or skills testing to maintain these authorizations.  That means we get better support from them and you, therefore, get better support from us.   Some of our authorizations and partnerships are: AMD, Intel, Western Digital, Seagate, MSI, Asus, Gigabyte, Dell, Acer, Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Cisco, Microsoft (Authorized OEM Systems Dealer) – (Microsoft Authorized Refurbished Program) – (Microsoft Authorized Reseller),  Lenovo,  IBM, and many more.

We also keep the largest stock of computer parts in the area.  So that tech that can “get to it right now” may not be the fastest after you have to wait for them to order even basic components.  We keep a selection of power supplies, hard drives, optical drives, RAM, cables, adapter, coolers & heatsinks, fans and much more…IN STOCK.

There is no doubt you can find someone claiming to be cheaper…we however,  strive to be better.  Quality work by experience and knowledgeable people is seldom cheap.  However, it should be noted that among the long term professional tech shops in Helena, our prices are firmly in the middle and our service is second to none.








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